Harmony Haven
 Bulldogs & Bloodhounds

I have been owned by Bulldogs for over 19 years. I am located in beautiful Northern California up in the Redwoods in Willits.
I am a member of The Bulldogs Club Of America, and The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club.
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I have puppies occasionally. I put alot of effort into finding just the right males for my females to insure that I get the best results possible. My main goal is to produce healthy puppies, and to produce better quality puppies for show and pet. I feel it is very important to always try and better the breed.
My dogs are not kennel dogs. They are all raised in my home. The puppies I raise are given the best care and given lots of attention so they can become happy adults.
I am always very happy to help new puppy owners with questions and problems. And I am always here no matter what stage of the puppy's life it might be. I feel that I brought the puppy into this world, so I will be responsible for the puppy it's entire life, even though it lives in a different home.
I hope you enjoy my site. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have. Even just general Bulldog questions.