Geremia's Perfect Storm

SIRE: CH. Germia's I Of The Hurricane
Nan Mar's Shake That Thing
CH. Millcoats Brimstone
Woodyhs Lady Mathilda 
Clyde's Pedigree
Ch. Kyleken Hunk O Nugget
Ch. Edward's Iza Lady's Bonnet
Supple's Zachary Joe
Edward's Maxine
Ch. Beauties Fuzz Buster
C-C Sundance Dynasty
Edward's Chunk O Nugget
Edward's Amaryllis
Smashercal's Pride O'Breckley
Smashercal's Preeminent Ms
Ch. Smashercal's JBRare Bigmacatac
Smashercal's Ms Roxie
Ch. Nan Mar's White Tuck N'Roll

Ch. Melrod's Fabulous Freddie
Ch. Vincent's Country Sunshine
Ch. Melrod's Bold Venture Of Tomel
Little O'Gal
Ch. Cobb's Showboat Andy
Cobb's McCoy Katy
Sir Riley Charles Putnam
Anneler's Maggie Mae
Ch. Tiffany's Home Grown
Ch. Brumar's I'm Rosie Too
Ch. Brumar's Waylon Of La-Nan-Dor
Longowna Imminent Thunder
Ch. Thumper's Doesn't Get Any BEDA
BEDA's B A Heart Thumper
Ch. Nan Mar's Who Me Bozlee
Walsh's Harleigh
Edward's Iza Lady's Man
Edward's Amaryllis
Ch. Glendar's Radar II
Ch. Edward's Elegant Rose
Ch. Smashercal's Commish Of BEDA
DK's Fancy Pants
Ch. Nan Mar's-Who Me Bozlee
Walsh's Harleigh
Ch. Vincent's Bo-Diddley
Riley's Little Pot O'Honey
Cobb's Happy Cavalier
Shady's Sadie She's A Lady
Ch. Briant's Home Run Buddy
BEDA's Primrose A La-Nan-Dor
BEDA's Cardiac Arrest
Geremia's Lady In Red
BISS Ch. Edward's Ace In The Hole
Ch. Hurricane Irish Eyes
Ch. DK's Cool Dude
Geremia's Lady In Red
Ch. Vincent's-Zulo Just Jake
K-Sand's Red Hot Salsa
Ch. BEDA's Ode To Bobbie
BEDA's-Geremia Carmel Candi
Ch. Hurricane In The Nic Of Time
Geremia's Dixieland Jazz
Ch. Newcomb's Valiant Jerry
BEDA's Heavenly Hash
Ch. Geremia's I Of The Hurricane
BEDA's-Geremia Mahogany Rose
BEDA's-Geremia Mahogany Rose